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How named AutoRec ??

We presume perhaps, we are one of the oldest Used Car Sales & Exporters in Japan still running in the region of Nagoya, Central Japan, while many other competitors/exporters have gone.. And today, we would like to tell how we named our company as Autorec! as it might confuse as Auto- Wrecking!

"Autorec" is the combination of two words; Auto and Rec, and Rec is as from Reconditioning, so this name does not mean Auto-wreck, but we have higher philosophy to supply Reconditioned car. (as we thought it is the Key to run the business in long run, that is what I thought some 40 years ago) Since then we started our company, there has been a lots of changes in the style of business, but yet, to the basic ground, we carry the idea of supplying the vehicle in better condition, bringing the car to the high standard. Everyone wants clean, tidy car and that will be great if car last long!!

At the start of our business, as we were targeting the market of Africa (East & Central where Right Hand steering vehicle is introduced), there was no hesitation to use the name as Autorec, rather our company name has earned very good reputation as Reconditoned car exporter! But when time passes, the market changes to Middle East, South Asia, Oceania, NZ, Australia, UK, then Pacific Islands, Russia, Western Asia, South America, Caribbean seas, Canada, then to USA and so on, and each market has special features, but so far, our name has been working okay.

This is just brief introduction of company name, how we named but basically the reason why we named our company Autorec is to offer the best service, which is a vehicle being refurbished; mechanically serviced, thoroughly checked and maintainanced, so that the customer can enjoy longer lifetime of vehicles.

We have been exporting our such Used & Reconditioned vehicles to various countries overseas, but at the same time when NZ has opened the door, we started to sell vehicles in AS IS condition, as most of NZ customers were of LMVD Car Dealers. Soon, we realized that our Company Name does not sound too good, as it must have given some misunderstanding, as Auto-wrecking, thus until our name becomes familiar to the customer, it takes time... but once customer learns about us, then they do not forget our name, which is a big thing So, there are some demerit and merit at the same time.

Now a days, we are doing both; Used car AS IS for the Dealers as they wish so, and or for Auction Direct service, so that the customer can expect better deal. But at the same time, there are people who wants to get reliable vehicles with sort of Autorec guarantee so we are offering such services depending on his choice.

This time, we come to know that there are growing demand from US Military Service men and wemen who are deployed in Japan, such as in Okinawa, Misawa, Sasebo, Yokosuka Base, Iwakuni and with the recent increasing demand from Iwakuni MCAS, we have decided to open a Car yard in Iwakuni, Kuruma-machi, (Addressl 2-24 2-chome, Kuruma-machi) just 5 minutes walk from Gate-C, 3 minutes by car, and are eager to offer our best quality vehicles at most competitive prices.

For Mainland USA, please also be noted that we are currently exporting vehicles of 25 years and older to Mainland USA on regular basis, mainly Mini 4WD trucks, SUV's, some old Sports cars, Porsche, Birkin, Renault, Porsche etc. etc so for those who wishes to send such specific type of vehicles, please consult with us.

Should you be interested in our services, please be in touch with us at any time, and you may also browse our current stock inventory with our website at https://www.autorec.co.jp or you can give us a call to Yuichi Mizuno, at his Cell Phone No. 080-3646-2905 and thank you.

Sincerely Yours
Autorec Enterprise LTD. Japan

Office Showroom
Address: 2 Chome-2-24 Kurumamachi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi-ken 740-0026
Cell: 080-3646-2905
Open: 10:00 - 19:00 hours

Store manager: Yuichi Mizuno
" Please feel free to ask me anything anytime! "
E-Mail: yuichi@autorec.co.jp
Cell: 090-4794-7240

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